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How to avoid wrinkle

First and foremost you should use natural creams or homemade creams. In addition to using them, I recommend that you know some tips to prevent their occurrence.

These tips are:

  • after the age of 35, it is good to think about how to prevent wrinkles. This prevention is done with the help of creams that moisturize and tone the skin, in addition to promoting cell regeneration and maintaining the elasticity of the face. In shops, these creams are called anti-aging creams.
  • starting at age 40, people’s skin is becoming thinner, and because of this, they lose their elasticity. The place of first wrinkles is the forehead, around the eyes and in the upper area of ​​the lips. In order to benefit from a beautiful complexion, skin cleansing must be done daily. The cleansing of the skin is done with the help of anti-aging creams because they have in their composition antioxidant components and with the regenerative power of cells. After reaching the age of 40, I recommend you to pamper your skin with nourishing masks and anti-aging products that promote skin regeneration and elasticity.
  • after age 50, I recommend using anti-aging creams in routine skincare. Try to choose creams that have a deep moisturizing action, anti-wrinkle nourishing creams specific to mature skin and antioxidants.

The six steps to having beautiful skin are:

  • choose the treatment that suits your skin
  • moisturizes cleanses and nourishes the skin every day
  • internal and external balance
  • it is necessary to gradually add other therapies
  • maintain a regular routine that is appropriate and in line with natural cycles
  • enjoy the moments of the day

Es bien sabido que las arrugas aparecen debido al mal cuidado de la piel. Algunas causas de arrugas son: exposición al sol, fumar, alcohol, insomnio y hábitos nocturnos a una edad muy temprana. Si cuidas de tu juventud, puedes alcanzar los cincuenta sin ver arrugas en tu cara.

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