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Natural therapies to quit alcohol

     Few people are aware that alcohol causes a lot of problems in their lives. Nowadays this custom has become a social act, sometimes making it difficult to identify if there really is a problem.

     Abuse of this habit brings the following problems: liver damage, psychiatric, character changes, heart disease, physical damage, immune weakening, cancer, shorter life expectancy (up to 20 years less).

     But the problems of excessive alcohol abuse are not just physical, as they often lead to emotional, family and work problems.

     People should know that when alcohol reaches the bloodstream and reaches the brain, then its immediate effects appear. In some cases at first, it can cause drowsiness, and in other cases it causes aggression, violence is accentuated and in the long run can induce or triggers, in predisposed subjects, mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems, emotional instability and others of a psychiatric nature.

     Those who have this habit in excess or who have generated addiction are characterized by emotional immaturity, showing changes in willpower, lack of self-control, low tolerance for frustration, low self-esteem and low social skills. Alcohol consumption makes them disinhibit and have a false sense of fictitious self-control and security.

     People who read this article should know that there is no single very good natural therapy to eliminate this problem. Those who want to eliminate this problem should rather benefit from a combination of several therapies, because a multidisciplinary treatment is needed, ie combining several to be able to deal with the problem on several fronts (purifying, dietary, psychological).

     Phytotherapy along with nutrition are natural essential therapies to stop alcohol because, with the help of depurative plants, it removes the load from the liver and purifies it and also achieves a relaxing effect to reduce stress and anxiety.

     One of the best therapies to eliminate this problem is food. This should include:

  • First of all, everyone should benefit from plenty of fruits and vegetables. Their role is to provide the body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Especially artichokes that will have a protective action on the liver, carrots and beets, arugula, apple and pear, garlic and onion, avocado. (Avoid: bananas, apricots, melons and plums, cabbage, cucumbers, spinach).
  • Secondly, people should eat cereal. These are: rice, buckwheat, corn and especially oats for the arginine content that will help detoxify the liver.
  • Legumes: all kinds.
  • Extra virgin olive oil on first cold pressing. You can make a maceration with this oil based on turmeric and thyme or turmeric and basil to dress the salads.
  • Other very good foods that help eliminate these problems are herbs such as turmeric, thyme, basil.
  • Algae: incorporates all kinds of algae in the diet to facilitate re-mineralization.
  •  Walnuts and seeds: walnuts, sesame seeds.