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Home remedies to lose weight

     Overweight is the result of a series of complex and varied mechanisms. Therefore, the answers you have to give to the other face of this problem must also be diverse.

     In this article I will tell you some tricks and remedies easy to lose weight:

  • People need to be aware of this problem. Don’t expect to get out of the way a few months before the summer and then forget about going back to your old bad habits. People need to realize that this is not a temporary meal, that it is a radical change to understand the world for life. The challenge is worth it.
  • You have to move something. For good health and a perfect body, you need to go for a walk every day or go to a gym, do simple exercises, go up and down the stairs.
  • Do not weigh yourself every day or every week. People need to be aware that if they lose between 3-5 kg ​​per month it is very good. If it is less, do not be discouraged and do not throw in the towel. If there is more, watch out for the dreaded yo-yo effect, thyroid problems, and later nervous breakdowns! Do not rush. Enjoy what has been achieved little by little.
  • Get enough sleep. Researchers have shown that sleep is very important for the human body. Studies associate obesity with insomnia. If you have difficulty falling asleep, take a relaxing infusion (lime, for example), half an hour before bedtime.
  • Having breakfast! Specialists recommend people to consume small amounts of protein food: eggs, ham, or low-fat cooked shoulder.
  • Eat small amounts 5 times a day. Remember that it takes between 150 and 200 calories to digest a small pear plus a low-fat yogurt and that these foods barely reach 100 calories. You eat and consume calories.
  • Your lunch should include a plate of mixed vegetables (so take advantage of the different vitamins that appear in the different colors of vegetables). It can be a low-fat cooked soup or salad.
  • Be very careful with the dressings! You should only take 2 tablespoons of butter or oil a day. Be blunt, measure scrupulously, and don’t overdo it.
  • Your diet should include foods that are low in calories. These foods are grilled chicken breast, cooked fish, vegetables, fruits, whole grains needed, skimmed.