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Remedies to remove lice and nits

     The appearance of this problem is due to the infection of the lice on the scalp. These parasites generally affect children, because schools are the main source of contagion, because it is the place where many children come into contact with each other and only one suffering from pediculosis can infect the rest, because lice jump from one child to another over short distances. and in contact games and Any place with many children are prone: parks, nurseries, etc.

     I believe that the people who have suffered from this problem only know that they are small insects, with a size of 2 to 10 mm. and visible to the human eye that feed on the blood of parasites. Its translucent appearance with a yellow or brown tone makes the wearer’s hair color appear lighter or darker.

     These parasites usually sit behind the ears and around the neckline above the nape of the neck. Lice have claws hanging at the ends of their legs that help them adhere to their hair. Lice can live up to thirty days on the scalp and only two outside it.

     The words lice and lice are often heard together as a combat problem. They are sometimes thought to be different parasites, but bats are actually the eggs of this insect. They adhere strongly to the roots of the hair and have an oval shape with a yellowish or white color.

     Nits are harder to see. It looks like dandruff and that makes them go unnoticed. In just one week it turns into lice, so it is important when removing lice to make sure you do the same with lentils or in a week lice will reappear.

     Symptoms of head lice:

  • You may suffer from irritability, because of them you will suffer from itchy scalp.
  • Tingling in the head and feeling something moving in it (lice)
  • Another condition can be scalp lesions, which appear when scratched and are susceptible to infection.
  • Itching, either because of the toxin that lice inject when they bite to circulate blood, or because of an allergic reaction.

     In this article I will recommend some remedies for eliminating lice and lice that will also help us prevent the spread of these parasites:

  • Tea tree oil. People should know that there are many types of tree tea, but the one that interests us as one of the best remedies for eliminating lice and lice is that of Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves. They need to be aware that this oil is not only a remedy, but also a preventative. You need to put 4 drops in the shampoo every day and wash normally; Finally comb with a comb soaked in tea tree oil.
  • Coconut and anise oils. Nowadays it exists on the market as sprays only to apply on the hair to remove lice. Simply apply them on your head and then wash them well with regular shampoo. Coconut oil and anise oil seem to suffocate and dehydrate lice.
  • White vinegar. This type of vinegar is very good for solving this problem because it has fungicidal abilities which, together with its acidity, are a good natural remedy for lice. Prepare by putting 2 or 3 tablespoons of sugar well mixed with vinegar in a cup and applied to hair in abundance. Subsequently, the head is covered for half an hour with a swimming cap and then washed until it is removed. This was one of the most widely used remedies for removing lice and lice.
  • Eucalyptus and lemon: Another home remedy against lice that usually works well is eucalyptus with lemon. It is prepared by boiling a handful of eucalyptus leaves in a 1 liter pot. of water and once cooked add the juice of a lemon. Once cold, put it on well-stretched hair and leave it on for half an hour. Finally it is removed by washing the head well.