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Benefits of conscious relaxation

Conscious relaxation is a technique that has control over your mind and body. These 2 goals are to eliminate stress and its consequences, helping us to have a quieter and happier life. In addition to these goals, conscious relaxation is also a step towards accessing other useful techniques for achieving life goals, such as visualization, conscious planning, etc.

     The benefits of conscious mind relaxation are:

  • has the role of giving you a feeling of peace and tranquility throughout the day
  • scientific studies have shown that the creative mind and learning skills work much better in a calm mind, especially when we have to solve some problems
  • a very important tip is to practice this technique as much as possible, because the longer you practice, the longer the state of relaxation will be. Most recommended is to practice daily to feel better

     The benefits of conscious relaxation for the body are:

  • has the role of regulating blood pressure and heart rate
  • besides a much better blood pressure and a corresponding heart rate, it also improves breathing and stimulates blood flow. These 2 are done through the better oxygenation of the brain and cells in general
  • relaxation also alleviates muscle tension
  • adrenaline and norepinephrine secretion decreases
  • lowers cholesterol and fats in the blood
  • and a very important factor is that the immune system will be strengthened by increasing the level of leukocytes

     How to make conscious relaxation

In order to enjoy conscious relaxation, it is very important to try to withdraw from the world for a few minutes, ie to choose a quiet place where no one will disturb you and not hear annoying noises (disconnecting cell phones and phones), with a pleasant temperature and moderate lighting do not appear as far as possible. In addition, your posture should be comfortable and allow you to lose as much muscle as possible.

Some very important tips are: your feet should touch the ground and be parallel, then place your palms on your thighs. If you want, you can play relaxing music with sounds of water or nature.

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