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Benefits of infant massage

This type of massage has been practiced for a very long time in many countries, which, fortunately, began to be more and more implanted in the West. Massage this technique, there will be a very special interaction between the child and the people who do the massage, the normal and recommended thing is that those responsible for performing it should be their parents.

The time spent in this enjoyable activity will be rewarded with strengthening the already special ties between the child and his parents. Child massage is something that will help the child to be more sociable and open in the future. Being petted is just as important for a good physical and emotional development of the baby as being well fed.

     The benefits of baby massage are as follows:

  • The first very important benefit is that with the help of massage you will improve communication and increase the feeling of love. Child confidence is one of the important benefits of infant massage.
  • It helps babies breathe rhythmically.
  • With its help, babies receive special stimulation through massage that helps them grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • Your baby’s stress will be significantly reduced with this technique
  • Neurological development and strengthening of the immune system will be much better.
  • It helps them improve coordination and muscle tone.
  • It improves the secretion of digestive hormones, which helps the child’s digestive system to function more efficiently.
  • Blood circulation will also be stimulated because massage has a very positive influence on the baby’s sleep patterns.
  • Helping to reduce discomfort caused by teeth, congestion, colic, and gas are also benefits of infant massage.

The benefits obtained by parents when giving massage to children are:

  •  With its help, parents will better understand their children’s needs
  • Another benefit is that parents will gain more self-confidence when it comes to child care.
  • The connection between parent and child will be much greater
  • Massage time is a time to share, it is a quality time dedicated to the baby.
  • And last but not least, parents will reduce their stress level and give their children a feeling of well-being.