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Benefits of yoga for teenagers

     Advantages of Yoga for adolescents on a physical level are:

  • the strength of muscles and bones increases with the practice of this sport
  • the flexibility will be much better because with the practice of this sport you develop an understanding of the mechanics of the body and of the healthy movement patterns
  • develop the capacity for physical relaxation
  • learn how to breathe properly, as it has the role of showing your mood and also has the role of making you more relaxed and focused throughout the day
  • yoga also offers physical experiences that allow the body to continuously restore balance, developing coordination and avoiding injuries. They are called stability and equilibrium
  • besides all this, it also revitalizes the low energy and decreases the hyperactivity

     In addition to the physical benefits, there are also mental benefits, and these are:

  • stress management has the role of allowing people to experience a sense of space around their concerns. In addition, they also offer techniques for redirecting thoughts and calming the nervous system
  • with the practice of this sport, young people also learn how to make respectful decisions with themselves and other people
  • the concentration is not lacking in this sport. Yoga is a great way to teach young people to develop their ability to concentrate by developing discipline in the practice of breathing and working with the body.
  • acceptance. With the advancement in this sport you will learn how to cultivate gratitude for what the body can do, and let the tendency to be critical of oneself and of judging other people
  • curiosity plays a very important role because it provides a healthy way to experience, take risks and explore the body

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