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Causes of Chilblains and their prevention

They occur due to very frequent exposure to cold or humidity. These 2 natural phenomena cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels and a deficiency of blood supply to a much lesser degree than freezing, but it has annoying effects. The areas of occurrence of this problem are the legs, hands, ears, and nose.

     How to prevent this common problem

One of the best remedies is to avoid being exposed to the cold for a long time. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  • Shoes. You have to be very careful about what you wear because this is very important. The footwear must be suitable for the season and not allow the feet to get cold or damp. Socks should be thick so that they absorb moisture from the feet so that they do not cool down. You should not squeeze it too much, so as not to impede blood circulation. Sometimes, believing that it is more insulated from the cold, the clothes are very tight and we produce this adverse effect.
  • Move. When the weather is cold, I recommend that you do not stay in one place, and try to move, because moving will help keep your foot circulation active. If you need to sit still, the tip resting your feet slightly on the ground, rotate your ankles, resting your heels, moving your toes back and forth, and so on.
  • Contrast bath. To avoid this foot problem, place your feet in a container alternating hot and cold water for 3 minutes. In the first phase, you have to start with water that has a pleasant temperature in the heat and then gradually switches to the cold, without being uncomfortable. This technique should be repeated 4-6 times. Its role is to improve the dilation and contraction of the circulatory system, improving the blood supply to the legs. If we act in time, we will avoid the appearance of annoying fragments or that possible freezing will cause heat.