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Tips and diet to reduce the thickness layers

If you want to reduce myelin, you need to consume more fruits and vegetables because they are high in fiber. The fiber gives the feeling of being saturated because it is saturated and this favors the intestinal transit, thus avoiding constipation. By avoiding constipation, a balance of the intestinal flora of the large intestine is maintained.

We will opt for hydrates with complex slow absorption, as they will provide higher energy and thus control our appetite. We advise you to consume more and more of the following whole grains: brown rice, oatmeal, millet and quinoa and also whole wheat pasta and bread. These should not be missing from your table. In addition, the meal should contain legumes for two or three times a week.

If we want to reduce our waistline, we must avoid consuming pastry and industrial pastry products: white flour, portions of margarine, fries, donuts, snacks like fried walnuts, pre-cooked food, ice cream, etc. Apart from the above products, red meat, sausages, milk, fatty cheeses are not recommended in a healthy diet if you want to reduce your waistline.

     Waist reduction tips.

In exchange for cow’s milk, you can consume vegetable drinks from rice, oatmeal, skins, which we find enriched with calcium. A very good protein is that derived from soy and seitan. Fish, egg, and chicken are also recommended in a waist diet.

     Some tricks that will help us to reduce the waist.

Exercises are meant to help increase the release of hormones into the bloodstream. This release of hormones helps keep us in a good mood. Exercises can be done both in the gym and outdoors or at home. For a perfect waist, I recommend the belly dance, because it is perfect for mobilizing fat in this area. You can help the lymph to work better at detoxifying toxins through manual lymphatic drainage or massages located in the waist area.

     The reasons that influence the waistline are:

Sedentary life, eating habits, stress, hormonal changes and toxic behaviors such as smoking and alcohol consumption. All this causes an increased toxic load in the human body, mainly in the fatty tissue, such as in the waist and abdomen, thighs and buttocks, arms, face and neck, chest etc.

The bulging abdomen may also be caused by chronic stress (cortisol) and anxiety disorders (aerophagia).

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