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How to apply and create a homemade facial mask

How do you make a homemade facial mask?    

In order to have a beautiful and well-groomed face, you must offer her a house mask at least once a week. With the help of face masks prepared at home, you will have much greater safety, because they will not contain chemicals that can harm you. These will be made from natural products, and this will be beneficial to your skin.

Any mask prepared in the house can be made with ingredients that you will usually find at home or in the supermarket. Depending on what kind of mask you want to prepare, you will choose the ingredients.

Certain masks may contain only one ingredient, such as egg. The egg has enough consistency to stick to the skin. The eggs (white part) and the yolk should be mixed very well to bring out a doughy consistency.

In other recipes, you will need to mix the different ingredients to enhance their benefits or to combine them with other ingredients. For example, the egg and honey need a deeper mixing so that the mixture is well homogeneous and pasty. In the case of avocado masks, you must crush it with a fork until it stays like a thick dough. In some cases, you even have to use the blender.

How are homemade facial masks applied?

These apply as follows:

  • when you are on the first try of using homemade face masks, I recommend you try the recipe somewhere hidden by the skin because it can cause a certain type of allergy due to the products used in the preparation.
  •  to benefit from all the benefits of these masks at home, it is important to thoroughly clean the skin with a milk or makeup remover, which you can prepare at home.
  •  After you have thoroughly cleaned the face, spread the face mask over the face and neck with a brush. The movements of the mask should be made upwards and from the center of the face in parts, and on the neck we will apply from the center to the ears.
  •  it is not recommended to apply these masks on the eyes, lips or ears.
  •  to have a much better effect this application should be between 20-30 minutes, and then remove it with a soft sponge, previously soaked in warm water, until the face is perfectly clean.
  •  after you have managed to remove this mask, it is necessary to apply a nourishing, moisturizing or firm cream, which we can prepare at home.

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