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Hyperthermia in aesthetics, benefits and contraindications

    What is aesthetic hyperthermia?

This is an artificial system for increasing the body’s internal temperature. In its composition, there are a number of electronic devices intended for this purpose. All of these introduce high-frequency energy into the body.
Due to these factors, the temperature can be raised between 3 and 5 degrees, depending on the temperature of each human. This is not recommended for healthy people.

     How does it work?

This has the role of strengthening the skin, modeling and caring for it, getting rid of cellulite, etc. This is all done because hyperthermia produces a controlled artificial febrile condition. With its help, the human body is stimulated to begin its self-repair system.

Hyperthermia helps the body to regenerate skin tissues and produces vasodilation, both blood and lymphatic. It oxygenates, nourishes and removes toxins from the body. These benefits rejuvenate the skin of any person. In addition to this, it speeds up metabolism, leading to localized fat loss.

     The benefits of hyperthermia are of 2 types:

  1) The facial benefits that have the following roles:

  • regenerates the skin
  • soften wrinkles
  • improves the contour of the eyes, wrinkles, as well as the eyelids, such as circles and bags.

2) The bodily benefits are:

  •  eliminates cellulite
  • reduces fat on the abdomen
  •  tones the muscles
  • eliminates fluid retention from the body
  • will get rid of fat from localized areas
  • helps to burn fat and dissolves fat

In general, aesthetic hyperthermia is harmless and painless, but there are certain problems that are contraindicated.

It is recommended to avoid it in case of:

  • suffer from heart problems
  • have a cochlear hearing implant
  • if you take a coagulant treatment
  • if you suffer from internal bleeding in the acute phase
  • if you are undergoing pain treatment based on neurostimulators
  • in case you are pregnant, the contraindication is only in the trunk area

It is advisable to go to the specialist doctor before you have hyperthermia.

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