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Some remedies for abdominal pain

In the abdominal pain, a very important role is played by the foods you consume, because it is very important that the origin of the food is as natural as biological. Try as much as possible to avoid consuming highly processed foods that contain a large number of chemical additives.

     The following tips are very important for a healthy and healthy diet:

  •  you must consume small quantities of food throughout the day. Remember that dinner is easy and as early as possible is very important
  • the food you consume should not be too cold or too hot
  •  it is recommended to cook in steam, boiled and grilled; exclusively the consumption of fried foods
  •  foods high in protein will be taken moderately, because they are very rich in purines and increase the production of digestive juices, promoting inflammation. In conclusion, I recommend using as many legumes as possible, over white and lean meat
  • very important is the fact that dairy products are skimmed
  •  do not consume sour juices
  •  spices dishes with oily oils. This is highly recommended when the cause of gastritis is the Helicobacter pylori bacterium
  •  consume yogurt every day

     Medicinal herbs can be helpful in fighting abdominal pain. These are:

  •  The chamomile. This is a natural antidote with a very good efficiency against abdominal pain. Besides this he is also a sedative of the nervous system, so it is recommended for abdominal pains of nervous origin
  •  Peppermint Peppermint. It is used to digest the foods consumed best and avoid flatulence and expel gas
  •  Melisa is used by many humans for the relief of anxiety and as an ally in abdominal pain of nervous origin, stomach cramps and flatulence.

In addition to the above tips, there are other therapies that combat abdominal pain. These are: massage, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, digestive enzymes of plant origin (if the abdominal pain is of food origin).

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