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How self-hypnosis is done and what it is based on

Self-hypnosis is based on the theory that the behaviors of people who want to do this will take root through repetition until they enter the brain and enter our lives when they are assimilated by the subconscious.

I assume that you know that the subconscious is able to release abilities that the conscious is not able to condition because of what we can and cannot do.

For example: gaining the will to quit smoking, lose weight, or for better personal development, such as eliminating limiting phobias or fear of public speaking, etc. The benefits of self-hypnosis are very good because the body enters a state of relaxation and the brain reduces its barriers, so it will be much easier to introduce these changes in the program.

According to those who follow this theory, we work by reacting to the stimulus you have programmed by repeating behaviors to automate them, such as eating when you are stressed.

Self-hypnosis is done with the help of several techniques, but in this article, we will use one combined with visualization. In the first phase, sit comfortably in a quiet and peaceful place, then the light should be dim or pleasant for more comfort, then turn your eyes, as if you want to see your eyebrows, keep your eyes open for a while until you feel tired in the eyelids, close your eyes and rest. With the help of a slow and deep breath, you will be able to mentally pass over the limbs feeling heavy and detached in a relaxed way and gradually release the muscles.

The second step in applying this self-hypnosis is visualization. You have to imagine and feel a pleasant landscape because it will give you peace and calm. He smelled the air, heard the sounds, etc., letting his body sink deeper and deeper into the relaxed state.

When you notice that you have reached the point of maximum relaxation, you need to enter the desired image, for example, imagine that you speak successfully in public or quit smoking or eat healthier and feel more energetic and healthy every day, etc.

In conclusion, hypnosis and self-hypnosis suggest, for many people, fantastic skills to achieve things far beyond what is actually possible. Self-hypnosis is an aid to channeling goals, but it is not a magic formula like “when you snatch your fingers you will wake up and quit smoking forever.”